Babysense video baby monitor

Babysense video baby monitor

This device is the mid-priced Babysense video baby monitor




Babysense video baby monitor


which provides continuous audio and video connectivity 24/7. “Entertaining” options for baby, such as the ability to play lullabies and a nightlight with a pleasant soft light. Moreover. It has an excellent two-way reverse technology. Which allows you to sing the baby a lullaby for a peaceful sleep. The price of its cheaper counterpart was almost the same at the time of purchase. So it was decided to take this, more advanced model. The quality of the product immediately stands out.


The nanny is shipped in a small box, inside which we can find the main unit. The parent unit, 2 power chargers, a lanyard, and 2 batteries. Naturally, it comes with a manual and warranty. Everything is neat, intuitive, without too much fuss and complications.

It is elementary to understand the settings and operation even without the manual. It has a 2x digital zoom with a fully motorized pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) function which allows you to watch your baby from every corner of her room. There are power buttons on the main unit and parent unit. Once pressed, the parent unit locates the main unit and tells us so with green indicator light. The cords of the chargers are long enough so that it’s not necessary to look for a socket near the cot. The cord will reach the nearest power outlet. What’s more, the sound quality of the baby sense monitor is excellent so there is no acute need to place the main unit in close proximity to the cot.



As I mentioned above, there are 2 rechargeable batteries included, these fit into the parent unit, and can be charged from the mains using one of the chargers. The second charger is for the main unit. At the same time, the main unit has a compartment for 4 batteries. Which are not included in the set and, if necessary, must be purchased separately. But the manufacturer does not recommend using the main unit with batteries. Exclusively from the mains. This is done from a safety point of view, as the batteries could run out at the most inopportune moment when the baby needs help. The parent and main unit are fitted with indicators to keep track of the battery level and always know how long does a monitor lasts.


The range is claimed to be 300 meters, the most I’ve ever been to is the 1st floor from the 9th floor and it catches without any problems. Basically, I use it when it’s necessary to do noisy business and there is a possibility not to hear the baby crying, as well as at the cottage when the baby in the pram is walking in the street. Has automatic infrared night vision that lets you see your baby even in the dark by baby room temperature monitor. 

Babysense video baby monitor
Babysense video baby monitor



Has a long battery life, ensuring a long time recording your baby.


As for the main unit baby sense, monitors have very few buttons on them – just the power button, the parent unit search button, the ringtone button. And the volume button. Also at the top of the block is a button to turn on the night light. On the sides of the power and battery indicators. The parental unit also has a battery and connection indicator in the main unit. As well as volume buttons and power buttons. It comes with a handy lanyard to wear the unit around your neck.


Based on the results of use I did not find much need to use melodies and night light. The melodies play monotonically and are the same all over the place. We also don’t have a night light on as there is a separate bedside lamp. Therefore, if it was not similar in price to a variant without these additional options. There would be no sense to overpay in my opinion.


The device is very handy, even though it has been in use for less than a month, I don’t have any complaints. It works properly and is very helpful in everyday life.


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Babysense Video Child Display vs. Infant Optics DXR-8

We also checked the Infant Optics DXR-8. It is the more expensive monitor choice, but we located that it excels when it involves video clip top quality, connection success, as well as features like a digital frying pan and also tilt and interchangeable optical lenses for a closer, sharper sight. It additionally has a bigger screen than the economical Babysense Video Screen. We would certainly go with the Baby Optics version offered the choice.

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